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Thiruppavai - Day 18

Thiruppavai - Day 18

Here Andal has reached Kannan's chamber and requests his consort Nappinnai to open the door
உந்து  மதகளிற்றன் ஓடாத தோள்வலியன்,
நந்தகோ பாலன் மருமகளே! நப்பின்னாய்!
கந்தம் கமழும் குழலீ! கடைதிறவாய்;
வந்தெங்கும் கோழி அழைத்தனகாண்; மாதவிப்
பந்தல்மேல் பல்கால் குயிலினங்கள் கூவினகாண்;
பந்தார் விரலி! உன் மைத்துனன் பேர்பாட,
செந்தா மரைக்கையால் சீரார் வளையொலிப்ப
வந்து திறவாய், மகிழ்ந்தேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்.

Nappinnai, daughter-in-law of the strong elephant like Nandagopan who never retreats against enemies but fights with them valiantly, Fragrant haired Nappinnai, open the door; the rooster is croaking, the cuckoos on the jasmine creepers are chirping. We are singing the praise of your husband, our Lord Kannan. Please open the door with your bangle-clad lotus like hands!

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  1. There is this interesting commentary I found in the net which I wish to share.

    "Inner meanings according to Abhinava Desikan
    In our AarAdhanam , we awaken (invoke) AchAryan and Ananatha-Garuda-VishvaksEnar (nithyasooris) first and then awaken PirAtti. Here through the awakening of Nappinnai , all the three parties are awakened .

    In KrishNavathAram , unitl the time of the Lord's residence in Gokulam , Nappinai PirAtti was PradhAnam (chief wife)and enjoyed the andharangam of the Lord. Nappinnai is the incarnation of NeeLA dEvi.Therefore , the Gopis approach Nappinnai seeking her intercession (PurushakAram). Without PurushakAram of PirAtti, Saasthrams say that one should not approach BhagavAn . Even PirAtti would not intervene unless that the chEthanam has sath sahavAsam and SadAchArya sambhandham.Therefore as poorvAngam (preliminaries ), the Gopis related to the gate keepers, and NandhagOpan . Nappinai's close relative is NandhagOpan . Therefore, the Gopis address Napinnai cleverly as " NandhagOpAlan MarumahaLE "here.

    NandhagOpan's Isvaryam is indicated with " Unthu mathakaLiRRin OdAtha ThOlvaliyan" in this paasuram . Besides his wealth of cattle , NandagOpAlan is known for the herd of elephants befitting his role as the king of GopAs. His Bhuja bala parakramam is also indicated by the reference to the elephants in rut , which NandhagOpan is able to subjugate "