Friday, December 17, 2010

Thiruppavai - Day 02

Thiruppavai - Day 02

In this second song, Andal explains the norms to be followed during this nombu

வையத்து வாழ்வீர்காள்! நாமும் நம்பாவைக்குச்
செய்யும் கிரிசைகள் கேளீரோ! பாற்கடலுள்
பையத் துயின்ற பரமன் அடி பாடி
நெய்யுண்ணோம்; பாலுண்ணோம்; நாட்காலை நீராடி
மையிட் டெழுதோம்; மலரிட்டு நாம் முடியோம்;
செய்யா தனசெய்யோம்; தீக்குறளைச் சென்றோதோம்;
ஐயமும்  பிச்சையும்  ஆந்தனையும் கைகாட்டி
உய்யுமா றெண்ணி உகந்தேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்

“My dear people born on this earth, here are the ways to follow the nombu. We must bathe early in the morning, singing the praise of the Paraman who reclines in the paarkadal. On the days of this paavai nombu, we will not have milk and its products like ghee. We will not decorate our tresses with flowers or beautify our eyes with kajal. We will also not do the things which our ancestors forbade us from doing nor shall we talk ill of others. We will give alms generously.” 


  1. Here is the translation in verse form as collected from the net.

    You who enjoy life on earth, listen!
    The rituals for deity go through we duteous
    Chant the foot of the Supremo who had
    Reposed in stealth on the ocean milky;
    Bathe we early; relish not ghee or milk
    Nor would kemp, nor adorn with flower beauteous;
    Grace not with eyeliner; nor bid deeds forbidden;
    Nor go around ear kiss tale or malicious gossi
    Help the worthy and poor utmost by gift or alms toss'd
    With mind pleasant, study the chores engross'd;
    Listen and consider, our damsel

    Thanks to you Lakshmi,I read one pasuram daily and ponder over its meaning very early in the morning

  2. Superb Lakshmi! The translation offered by Mr. Parthasarathi from the net quite underlines the excellent quality of yours.
    Translation should always be done of the whole meaning and not of separate words. The latter tends to confuse people and is actually a 'neradal' when you read.
    Yours flows so smoothly. And the translation from the net absolutely enhances that.

  3. True Sundari the translation from the net acts as a good foil to Laksmi's.But then the translator conformed to the text, a difficult proposition, while translating in verse form while Lakshmi by giving a gist had the freedom to give the meaning crisply and clearly.
    Like the hamsa bird we should choose the best offered in anything leaving the unwanted.
    Since it is a 'neradal' I will discontinue giving the translation from the net.

  4. Respected madame,
    Theis an excellent effort. Kindly list out step wise the procedure involved in the paavai nombu, This will be helpful for people like me who are unaware of certain things related to observing varthas. Who can perform this? etc.,

  5. @ Mr. Parthasarathi
    I am extremely sorry if I had offended you. It is nothing personal and I do realise that it is not your own translation - only something you found on the net.
    This has been a pet peeve with Lakshmi and me for years - offering word to word translation. It is not what I concluded in this instant. We have come across many such translations and think they mislead a person from the true meaning.
    I am sorry again - Please do not feel offended. You are a very elderly person and worthy of our respect. And you have been extremely encouraging with your feedback.