Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thiruppavai - Day 07

Thiruppavai - Day 07

Here Andal continues to wake her friends

கீசுகீ சென்றெங்கும் ஆனைச்சாத் தன்கலந்து
பேசின பேச்சரவம் கேட்டிலையோ? பேய்ப்பெண்ணே!
காசும் பிறப்பும் கலகலப்பக் கைபேர்த்து
வாச நறுங்குழல் ஆய்ச்சியர் மத்தினால்
ஓசைப் படுத்தத் தயிரரவம் கேட்டிலையோ?
நாயகப் பெண்பிள்ளாய்! நாராயண மூர்த்தி
கேசவனைப் பாடவும்நீ கேட்டே கிடத்தியோ?
தேசமுடையாய்! திறவேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்.

Have you still not heard the sparrows making chirping noises talking to each other as they leave their nests in search of food? Have you also not heard the ladies of Aayarpaadi with fragrant flowers on their tresses, churning the curd noisily with their bangles making jingling sounds as they move their hands to and fro? You are our leader, how can you still sleep after hearing our singing on Kesavan? Hey, beauty, open the door.


  1. I read this commentary about this line
    மத்தினால் ஓசைப் படுத்தத் தயிரரவம்கேட்டிலையோ?
    Man is essentially divine.The truth is lying in all men like butter in the milk and needs constant churning by the mind to bring out the pure consciousness.
    There is another point made why Andal should wake up all the young girls and was it not enough if she had woken up only a few girls before proceeding to Krishna.The explanation is
    that one should think of the welfare of ALL- not just a few.Not even a single girl should lose the golden opportunity of getting the grace of Sri Krishna.
    One should aspire not for the mere union of the Lord but for the same in the company of His devotees,which alone would make it delectable.