Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thiruppavai - Day 06

Thiruppavai - Day 06

Here Andal wakes up her friends

புள்ளும் சிலம்பினகாண்; புள்ளரையன் கோயிலில்
வெள்ளை விளிசங்கின் பேரரவம் கேட்டிலையோ?
பிள்ளாய்! எழுந்திராய், பேய்முலை நஞ்சுண்டு,
கள்ளச் சகடம் கலக்கழியக் காலோச்சி,
வெள்ளத்தரவில் துயிலமர்ந்த வித்தினை,
உள்ளத்துக் கொண்டு முனிவர்களும் யோகிகளும்
மெள்ள எழுந்து அரியென்ற பேரரவம்
உள்ளம் புகுந்து குளிர்ந்தேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்

Hear the birds chirping, can't you hear the booming sound of the white conch in the temple of our Lord whose vehicle is the king of birds, Garudan? Yogis and Rishis are chanting "Hari Hari" meditating on Lord Narayanan who drank Bhoodhana's life along with the poison she had applied on her breasts and tried to feed him; who killed Sakadasuran when he came steathily at great speed as a cart by hitting it with his legs; who sleeps in the Thirupparkadal. Don't these chants enter your ears and cool your hearts? Please wake up at least now.


  1. The esoteric sense of the pasuram as I saw in a book is as follows.
    "The sound of the conch,the bewitching call, comes from the temple of Garuda's master Vishnu,the Narayana,the Lord of Vedas.Chanting the name of Hari by saints and yogis is also heard.The devotee is urged to meditate and gain God-experience by himself.
    The puthana episode indicates the defeat of enlargement of evil thoughts(poison) and the destruction of Cart-demon symbolises the silencing of the mind which is unsteady like cart wheel.And the protector of all creation, the primal cause, sleeps (yoga nidra) in the Milky Ocean."