Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thiruppavai - Day 11

Thiruppavai - Day 11

Andal continues to wake up her friends here

கற்றுக் கறவைக் கணங்கள் பலகறந்து,
செற்றார் திறலழியச் சென்று செருச்செய்யும்
குற்றமொன் றில்லாத கோவலர்தம் பொற்கொடியே!
புற்றர வல்குல் புனமயிலே! போதராய்,
சுற்றத்துத் தோழிமார் எல்லாரும் வந்துநின்
முற்றம் புகுந்து முகில்வண்ணன் பேர்பாட,
சிற்றாதே பேசாதே செல்வப்பெண் டாட்டிநீ
எற்றுக் குறங்கும் பொருளேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்.

You belong to the clan of Gopalas who has herds of milking cows with calves; who very bravely fight against their enemies by attacking them in their area and defeating them; who are faultless.
You are like a carefree peahen wandering in the forest, get up, when your friends and relatives have come to your place together and are singing on Kannan, you are fast asleep. why are you doing this?

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  1. Apart from the direct meaning in these pasurams, the learned scholars explain the inner meaning of the pasuram making us wonder at Andal's immense scholarship and bhakthi.
    In this pasuram Let us see some of the phrases and their inner meanings as I ferreted out from the net
    கற்றுக் கறவைக் கணங்கள் பலகறந்து:: Acharyas who have absorbed from many sources and who yield abundant jnanam
    செற்றார் திறலழியச் சென்று செருச்செய்யும்:Going on Dhig Vijayams to defeat the views of those who do not accept Vedas as pramanam and to establish the madham on solid footing
    புற்றர வல்குல் புனமயிலே:Like the peacock which dances at the sight of clouds is hostile to snakes,those who enjoy at the thought of Krishna of cloud's hue are detractors of wordly pleasures.There is also another meaning that just as a snake shrinks its form to enter its hole in the mud,the bhakthas are full of humility and free from ahankaram-mamakraam
    There are many variations in the interpretations of scholars but all of them talk of bhakthi and saranagathi to the Lord