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Thiruppavai - Day 15

Thiruppavai - Day 15

Here Andal cajoles her friends to come and this song is in the form of a conversation

எல்லே இளங்கிளியே! இன்னம் உறங்குதியோ?
சில்லென் றழையேன்மின், நங்கைமீர்! போதர்கின்றேன்;
'வல்லை, உன் கட்டுரைகள்! பண்டேஉன் வாயறிதும்!'
'வல்லீர்கள் நீங்களே, நானேதான் ஆயிடுக!'
'ஒல்லைநீ போதை, உனக்கென்ன வேறுடையை?'
'எல்லோரும் போந்தாரோ?' 'போந்தார், போந்து எண்ணிக்கொள்'
வல்லானை கொன்றானை, மாற்றாரை மாற்றழிக்க
வல்லானை மாயனைப் பாடேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்.

"Hey parrot! Are you still asleep? "
"Hey girls, don’t make noise, I am coming"
"Yes, we know about your sharp tongue"
"You people are good at saying such things and you are blaming me, let it be!"
"You come now"
"What about the others? Has everybody come?"
"Yes, if you want, please come and count, everybody is here"
 Let us sing the praise of the Lord who killed the elephant Kuvalayapeedam and destroyed the enemies.


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  1. There are two words that convey some message for us
    வல்லானை கொன்றானை- This would refer to the killing of the rogue elephant 'Kuvalayapita' which blocked the way of Krishna when he came to a tournament organised by Kamsa
    மாற்றாரை மாற்றழிக்க:This would speak of killing of the two wrestlers Sanura and Musthika in the court of Kamsa by Krishna and Balarama.

    The inner meaning it seems is the destruction of the ego(ahankara) as represented by Kuvlalaypita and the overcoming of Kama and Krodha as denoted by the two wrestlers.
    Thanks Lakshmi for enabling me to read the pasurams early in the morning.